One of the things that we definitely want from our automobile is for it to last. After your home, this is one of the biggest investments in your life.

Regularly scheduled maintenance is a must if you want your vehicle to keep getting you to the places you need to go. When the boss is waiting for you in a meeting you don’t want car problems. When the cupboards are bare, and the kids are purging through your cabinets, you need to be able to get to the grocery store. When your mother or father needs a ride to the doctor, then you’ll want to have the means to get them there.
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There are plenty of reasons you want to maintain your vehicle at regular intervals. First of all, not doing so simply means that you’re guaranteeing yourself some hefty repairs down the road. You rely on your vehicle to get you to and fro, your vehicle relies on you to keep it in healthy order.

Let’s not forget as well that you’ll probably end up selling your automobile later on. Having well kept records of a regularly maintained vehicle is the easiest way to insure that you’ll get back what the car is worth when it comes time to sell it.

There are of course benchmarks that we look for. Besides the normal maintenance such as oil changes at 3,000 to 5,000 miles, there will be a maintenance schedule for 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, and 90,000 miles as well.

If having a vehicle that lasts is important to you, then this needs to be followed as closely as possible.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance 30,000 – 60,000 – and 90,000 Miles

At 30,000 miles, if your car has been well maintained in other areas, it’s still relatively young. So your 30k mile maintenance will be a pretty simple one. One thing that’s important to keep your vehicle in great driving shape is to keep the transmission healthy. This means draining and refilling the transmission oil, changing the filter, and of course simply checking for any leaks. There is a checklist to follow at the 30,000 mile maintenance mark. This includes but is not necessarily limited to…

Air Filter
A/C Filter
Suspension Check and Suspension Bolt Torque
Door Hinge Lubrication
Belt and Hoses Check
New Wipers
Brake Check
Steering System Check

Basically, the 30K mile maintenance will be a time of checking and making sure all is okay and safe with your car. Also at this time, an oil change is a good idea as is a tire rotation if neither has been done in the last 3000 to 5000 miles. These are all the main parts of the engine that are heavily used, and get a lot of wear and tear. Again, if your car has been maintained pretty well up until that point, you should get away pretty easy. If not, then you may need a little extra work done.

60,000 Mile Maintenance

One of the major keys to the 60,000 mile maintenance will be the timing belt for a lot of vehicles. Of course not all automobiles are the same. Some don’t need a new timing belt at 60,000 miles. However, if your manual says it should be done at or near the 60,000 mile mark, then you should do it. Once the time timing belt goes, it could very likely mean the end of your engine. So needless to say, this timing belt is important at the 60k mark. After that it should be the same general check list that your vehicle went through at 30 thousand miles, and your standard oil change and tire rotation if necessary. One additional thing that you’ll want done at this time however will be the brake fluid replacement.

90,000 Mile Maintenance

This is an important maintenance marker for your vehicle. Although it really does include much of the same. If you didn’t change your timing belt at the 60K maintenance, then you’ll certainly want to do that here. Otherwise replicate everything from the 30K and 60K. You can add new belts to this list if needed.

It’s tough to know if you’re doing all that’s needed to maintain your vehicle at these higher mileage points. It’s also difficult to know if you’re maybe getting gouged and getting too much done. If you’re anywhere near Riverside, CA – come to Toy Tech Auto Repair for your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance.